Sativa and Indica

Every cannabis-related decision you have ever made whether you’re a new or experienced marijuana user has probably come down to sativa or indica. This boils down to what experience you are searching for. Do you need to reduce stress but still stay active throughout the day or are you looking for a way to wind down and sleep? Arming yourself with this knowledge will help you choose the right strain for you without all the trial and error.

Cannabis Sativa

Sativa strain cannabis is easily distinguishable with its light green, narrow, finger-like leaves. It grows tall and requires a lot of sunlight with a long growth period. This plant is found mostly in hot, dry climates with long, sunny days. Sativa thrives in Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia.
Beyond their appearance sativas are known for their “head high” which energizes and helps reduce anxiety. They are amazing at combating stress but it can also increase focus and creativity. This makes it the perfect strain to take during the day. If you are on the hunt for a high CBD product this may not be the strain for you though. It is known for having much higher levels of THC than CBD.
Sativa and Indica

Cannabis Indica

The indica plant looks differently from its Sativa relative with wide, dark green leaves. Instead of growing tall, they are short, bushy plants that grow quickly and yields more buds. These plants thrive in harsh, dry climates like Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Turkey.
Indica is known for its “body high” which increases relaxation and reduces insomnia. These strains are known for having high CBD levels. Since it causes such a relaxing full-body high it is better taken at night. It may be hard to get much done with your day when you want to sleep and melt into the couch.

The Hybrid Controversy

Sativa and Indica are terms that can be helpful but are not necessarily relevant today. A lot of dispensaries will label their products as sativa or indica “feeling” instead. This is more helpful as it tells you whether it will be a body or uplifting high despite the type of strain it is. 
So why categorize the cannabis plant if it isn’t relevant to the type of high? Before human intervention thousands of years ago there was a huge difference. Cannabis plants were divided into two growing regions by ice sheets between Europe and South East Asia. Over time this separation led to their different appearances and their growing conditions. 
Fast-forward to years later when humans began to travel and migrate. Sativa and Indica seeds were spread throughout the world. Mix this with years of human selectively cross-breeding and creating new hybrids. Years of selective breeding has led to almost every single strain of marijuana becoming a hybrid. It is now virtually impossible to find any pure saliva or indica strains. Many people find it more helpful to ask how the strain makes you feel rather than what strain it is.
Sativa and Indica

What Should I Look For Then?

The type of strain you choose may not be as indicative as you would hope but researching or talking to someone about how it feels can. Instead of asking for either a sativa and an indica tell them what you would like to get out of your experience.